Agnello al forno

Baked Lamb (8 portions)


2kg lamb beef with no bones
salt and pepper
3-4 smashed garlic pieces
1 bunch of minced mint
3 spoons of olive oil
1 lemon juice
1 celery thinly cut
1 carrot thinly cut
1 yellow onion thinly cut


Set oven to 225C. Dress the meat with salt and pepper, and cover it up with garlic and half of the mint. Turn the meat upside down and bind it with a steakrope. Dress it both sides and place the roll in a pan with the fat side up. Pour oil and lemon juice over it. Set vegetables all around and place the pan in the oven. Bring down the temperature to 215C och cook for 30 minutes. Bring it down again to 175C, add 3 dl water and cook for about one hour. Steak must be pretty crispy and well done outside but still with a pinkish colour inside . Take the steak gravy off and all the fat that is possible. Add all the mint left and pour all the sauce remained over every portion. If you are cooking the vegetables with puree, add also 2 dl of white vine to cool them down as the fat remained in the sauce could overcook them.

Cipolle fritte

Fried onions (4-6 portioner)


2 eggs
salt and pepper
1 3/4 dl flour
1 dl milk
2 pieces of garlic
3 msk fresh grated pecorino
500 g. small onions
1 bunch of parsley leaves
2 egg whites
oil to fry


Start with the dough: part and whip yolks with salt and pepper in a bowl. Add flour and milk lite i taget and stir slowly.
Press the garlic and add it in the bowl together with cheese. Let it swell 30 minutes.
Peel onions. Cook 2 litres of salted water in a pot and set onions 2 minutes in the water. Cool them down with cold water and rinse them carefully.
Dry them with a towel. Mince parsley and add it to the dough. Whip the whites to a dense foam and spill them carefully in the pot.
Warm up a pan with oil. Dope the onions with the help of a fork in the dough and then leave them in that hot oil and fry them until they are crispy.
Take them out with a strainer and let them dry on cooking paper. Serve them quickly as hot as possible.