Dish with potatoes and aubergine (4-6 portions)


600 g. aubergines
2 red capsicums
600 g. riped tomatoes
1 Kg. potatoes
2 yellow onions
3 pieces of garlic
1 dl. olive oil
1 msk fresh oregano
1 bunch of parsley leaves


Take the aubergines you previously washed; cut them into dices of 2 cm. Salt them and let them rest ca 30 minutes. In the meantime take capsicums and cut them smått. Wash and peel tomatoes and cut them roughly in dices. Mince onions and garlic. Wash aubergines and then dry them with kitchen paper. Set oven to 200° C. Warm up olive oil in a big roasting tin. Put potatoes dices in it and brown them homogenously. Add the chopped yellow onion and then aubergines and capsicums i omgångar; fräs under omrörning. Flavour with oregano, garlic, salt and pepper. Place the tomatoes dices in a pot, mix carefully and leave them there with a lid on. Put it in the oven ca 45 minuter. Mince parsley and spill it over the vegetables. Flavour with salt and pepper.

Sgombri alla marina

Pickled mackerel (6 portions)


4 fresh mackerels ca 300 g.
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
2 leaves of laurel
1 lemon (3-4 spoons of juice)
1 bunch of fresh mint
1 bunch of parsley
2 pieces of garlic
1 dl. olive oil
1 1/4 dl white wine vinager


Set oven to 200° C. Rinse mackerels and dry them carefully. Place them in a roasting tin, salt them and scatter pepper and laurel all over. Pour over lemon juice and add all the water necessary to completely cover mackerels. Leave them 10-15 mintues in the oven.
Take fish out of the tin and let it dry. Cut the fish and take away the skin. Låt svanla något and part it in thin slices. Take a big tin with high borders.
Chop the mint in small pieces, mince parsley and garlic. Mix herbs and garlic with vinager, spill over oil and flavour with salt and pepper. Place every fish slice one close to the other in the tin and pour over them a part of the pickling sauce. Cover with the rest of slices and pour over all the remaining sauce. Put a lid on and leave in the fridge for at least a day. Decore fish with fresh leaves before serving.