Gnocchi di patate

Potatoes gnocchi (4 portions)


800g potatoes
2 egg yolks
100g flour
50g melted butter
Grated parmesan or grana padano

Set oven to 200C. Wash potatoes and cook them in a pot for 1 hour or until they are soft. Peel and mash them while they are still warm, this way the puree has no dumplings. Add salt, egg yolks and flour and work on the dough until it is soft and elastic. Make small balls with the dough ; it's common to roll it in a long and thick stick and cut it in small pieces 2 cm long. . Push them against a grater or notch them with a fork so to help sauce to be gathered by pasta . Leave them in a floured pan. Cook these balls succesively putting them in boiling water (mind that they are already salted) 10 minutes or a bit more. Take them off the water with a ladle, let them dry a bit and serve them with melted butter and grated cheese.

Anguilla in tegame

Eel with vine and vinegar (4 portions)


4 small eels (ca 750g), chopped in small 5 cm pieces
1 yellow onion, minced
1 spoon of butter
1 spoon of olive oil
2 thinly chopped garlic
3 spoons white vinager
6 dl dry white wine
salt and pepper
2 laurel leaves
1 branch of fresh salvia
1 dl minced parsley


Ask the fishmonger to clean and rinse the eels, take away the skin if needed and cut them into pieces. Put those pieces into flour. Fry lightly them in a mixture of butter and oil, then add garlic and eels. Burn them both sides and add the remaining ingredients but parsley. Stir ca 20 minutes or until eels are soft, add parsley and serve immediately.

Torta di castagne

Chestnuts cake


500g chestnuts or chestnuts puree
3 dl milk
250g castor sugar
100g almonds or walnuts thinly minced
5 eggs
100g butter
Grated skin of a lemon
100g black chocolate, grated
2-3 spoons of Strega or cognac


Set oven to 175C. If you are using fresh chestnuts, cut widely a side of every and put them on the grill ; turn them now and then just to roast them on both sides. Peel and mash while they are still warm . Place them in the milk that should cover them for about 15 minutes or until they are soft. Let them dry in a pan. The preserved puree must be used as it is . Scramble eggs with sugar. Add butter (but save 1 spoon to grease the pot later), chestnut puree, almonds or walnuts, grated lemon skin and chocolate, Strega or cognac and mix them well. Use eventually the whipped egg whites and spill the batter in a greased and rounded mold, ca 27 cm of diameter. Cook the cake 50-60 minutes. Let it cool down and serve it cold.