Saltinbocca alla Romana

Roman saltinbocca (4 portions)


salt and pepper
8 slices of veal meat, 75-100g each
8 slices of ham (cooked), as big as the veal ones
8 fresh salvia leaves
4 spoons of olive oil
2 dl white wine
50g butter


Put salt, pepper and flour on the veal steaks. Set a ham slice and a salvia leaf on every single steak. Fasten them together with a tooth pick. Warm oil in a wide pan and cook the steaks at high temperature on both sides for about 2 minutes. Throw away oil and add wine. Let it quickly cook in. Serve it in warmed plates. Melt the butter in a pan together with gravy and pour the sauce over the meat.

Abbacchio alla Romana

Lamb with garlic sauce (6 portions)


1 spoon fresh rosmarin
3 anchovies
5 garlic pieces
3-4 spoons vinager
1 Kg. tender lamb meat from bow
1 dl olive oil


Start with the sauce: mince rosmarin. Drain anchovies, dry them with crepe paper and cut them carefully. Chop garlic.
Grind everything in the martel until you achieve like a pasta. Add vinager, a little bit at the time, to obtain a white cream. Split garlic in two and fill the lamb meat with them. Then cut the meat in smaller pieces and sprinkle pepper over.
Warm up olive oil in a big pan. Set the pieces of meat in and burn them lightly changing often side, for 5 minutes. Bring down the temperature and keep on cooking for other 5 minutes or until they are done.
As soon as meat is ready, add the garlic cream. Let it warm, spread pepper all over, put salt if needed and put the fat over as a sauce to keep it at the right temperature.