1kg flour
1 pince of sugar
50gr. yeast
5 dl lukewarm water
1 1/2 dl extravirgin olive oil
thick salt
2 branch rosemary or salvia


Spill all the flour but 1 dl. in a pot together with a pince of salt and create a hole in the middle. Pour the yeast in 1 dl of lukewarm water and add sugar. Wait until it starts to foam and mix it with flour. Put 1-4 spoon of oil in this mixture, the remaining water and stir it. . Add the rest of the flour if needed. Knead everything on a table for about 10-15 minutes and add more flour if it misses. Roll the dough with a spoon of oil in, not to dry the surface too much, cover it with a humid rag and leave it in a warm place until it rises to the double size in about one hour . Knead again for a little while, take out the inside part and form the two halves separately on a floured table of a thickness of 1 cm. . Set the oven to 275 C. Leave the dough on a oiled baking tin , grease them generously with oil and sprinkle thick salt and rosemary or salvia. Create with finger small holes over the surface let the dough to rise again for about 30 minutes. Grease to take away folds about 20 minutes or until the bread has taken a golden colour. Add a little bit of olive oil and serve the bread warm.


Pesto Sauce (4 portions)


2 garlic pieces
50g. pinenuts
2 spoons of grated pecorino sardo
2 spoons of parmigiano reggiano
50gr. basil with stems
1 1/2 dl extravirgin olive oil


Grind garlic and pinenuts in a big mortal together with salt. Add the minced basilic leaves and carefully grind everything in the mortal, leaves included. It's also good to flutter everything in a mixer. Then poke the cheeses and mix well. Stir and eventually put a little bit of olive oil. Serve on Tagliatelle, Linguini or Gnocchi.

Salsa di noci

Walnuts sauce


300gr. walnuts without shell
1 pressed garlic
3 dl cream
50g. grated parmigiano reggiano
5-6 spoons extravirgin olive oil
salt and pepper


Mix together walnuts and garlic, cheeses, cream and olive oil to a dense sauce and flavour with salt and pepper. Serve with filled pasta like Tortelloni or Pansoti.