Gamberoni in tegame

Steaked big prawns (4 portions)


500g big prawns
2 pressed garlic
1/2 liten chili
4 spoons olive oil
2 spoons of thinly minced parsley
ca 4 spoons Grappa


Wash praws and trash head and small legs. Cook them together with garlic and chili in oil several minutes until they have a light red colour. Put salt and parsley over them. Pour over Grappa just before serving and set them on fire.

Sarde arrosto

Roasted anchovies with fenkol (4 portions)


8 small anchovies
3 pieces of garlic
1/2 dl olive oil
1 spoon fenkol seed
1 1/4 dl dry white wine
3 fenkols
fresh grated pepper
juice of a lemon


Clean anchovies or herrings but leave their heads on; rinse them well then dry them with crepe paper. Put salt inside and outside and put them in a low bowl. Mince garlic and whip with olive oil.
Take fenkol seeds and sprinkle them all over fish. Now with the white wine cover everything and marinate fish at least 2 hours in the fridge.
Warm up 1 liter salted water in a pot. Take the fenkol and warm it 5 minutes in the boiling water. Then place it in cold water to stop the cooking; let it dry carefully. Cut the fenkol in 2 cm thick slices, put salt and pepper. Take out the marinated fish. Set fish and fenkol slices over a grill and brush them with a bit of marinated sauce.
Grill them 10-15 minutes. Brush again every now and then with the sauce and turn them once or twice. Pour over lemon juice before serving, put salt and pepper.