Pasta coi broccoli

Pasta with broccoli (4 portions)


700g broccoli
350g penne
4 spoons olive oil
1 thinly minced garlic
8-10 chopped anchovies
125g green olives
1 thinly minced chilipepper
6 spoons fresh grated bread


Clean and cut broccoli. Cook them until they are softer in a lot of warm water and let them drain saving the water. Then cook pasta 10-12 minutes in the same water. Warm oil and garlic in a small tin until they fry, add anchovies and mash them carefully. Drain pasta when it's "al dente" and mix it quickly with anchovies sauce, in case with an addition of oil . Add olives, broccoli and chilipepper and serve the dish covered by grated bread.

Patate al Marsala

Roasted potatoes with Marsala (4 portions)


750g small potatoes of a good quality
4 spoons olive oil
3 spoons of butter or margarin
1 1/4 dl Marsala
1 bunch basil
fresh grated pepper


Peel potatoes. Warm up olive oil in a big frying pan and melt 1 spoon of butter in it. Set the potatoes in the pan one close to the other and fry tyem lightly for about 10 minutes. Turn potatoes upside down and split a spoon of butter brushing it over them ; steak about 5 minutes.
Pour the wine over and let it boil quickly. Bring down the temperature and add the remaining butter.
Put salt on. Steak potatoes 20-25 minutes (according to how big they are). Turn them every now and then. Sprinkle basil over the crisp potatoes, then grind pepper and serve quickly.