Spaghetti con gamberetti

Spaghetti with prawns (4 portions)


1kg big prawns
1 sliced carrot
1 sliced celery
1 little yellow onion, chopped in bits
salt and pepper
2 pressed garlic
1 little chili pepper
2 spoons olive oil
4 tomatoes, peeled and chopped
2-3 basil leaves
1/2 dl thinly minced parsley
400g spaghetti


Cook prawns in the water a little while until they reach a light red colour. Drain them but save the water. Shell prawns and put the outside part in the broth. Add carrot, celery, onion, salt and pepper and cook 30 minutes this way you will have a good taste for your broth. Drain it.


Make the sauce. Fry garlic and chili in oil until they are brownish. Add tomatoes and cook for 10 minutes, then add vegetables and a little bit of broth and keep on cooking for other minutes. Put the cooked prawns and leave them for a while. Cook spaghetti "al dente" in the remaining broth, add in case a bit of boiling water and salt, then drain the pasta. Warm the sauce and pour it over spaghetti just before serving.

Arista alla Fiorentina

Florence cutlet (6 portions)


1 1/2 kg cutlet with bone
6 garlic
salt and pepper
2 branches rosemary
3 spoons of oliveoil


Ask your butcher to take almost away the meat from the back bone and to start to smash bone to make it easier to cut it. Set oven to 200C. With a sharpened knife do small cuts upon all meat . Mash garlic, salt, pepper, rosmarin och olive oil. Press in every cut you've done this batter och rub all the remaining over meat. Bind it firmly to the bone or tie it with a rope and put steak or a long pan. Leave it in the oven for about 1 hour or until you think it's ready and in the meantime carefully pour with the melted fat. Unfasten meat and carve it between bones. Share the steak with guests.


When it's about 1 hour left to cook the steak, you can add peeled potatoes, cut in small dices, next to the steak in the pan: this way they can cook in the melted fat.


Chestnuts cake


300g chestnut flour
4 spoons olive oil
75g raisins, drained in the water
75g pinenuts
1 branch rosemary


Set oven to 225C. Put flour in th mixer and add slowly ca 5 dl vatten until it comes out an homogeneous batter. Add 2 spoons oil, 1 pince of salt, dried raisins, 50 g pinenuts and a bit of rosemary. Mix them well and set the batter in a greased tin or in a long baking plate that must be 2 cm higher than the batter layer. Spill over them the remaining pinenuts and a bit of rosemary and bake the cake 30-40 minutes or until the surface starts to crisp and has a golden colour . Serve it warm. It will be soft and creamy inside.