Peperonata alla Veneta

Venetian capsicums (4 portions)


350g aubergines, washed and chopped in cubes
4 spoons oil
1 piece of garlic
300g small onions
3 big yellow capsicums, cleaned and chopped
1 1/2 dl white wine
5 tomatoes


Sprinkle salt over aubergine bits and let them rest for a hour until they dry. Drain and dry them. Warm oil in a frying pan together with garlic (thrash them as soon as they are brown). Add onion and simmer at low temperature until they are tender and of a yellow colour. Shake the pan all the time. Add aubergine and capsicum. Spill wine over, put a lid on the pan and keep on cooking for 20 minutes or until they are perfectly cooked. Take off the lid, add tomatoes, rise the temperature and cook for 10 minutes or until the biggest part of the liquid has evevaporated. Spice if you like it. Serve the dish cold or warm.

Pollastri pini e boni

Chicken filled (4 portions)


250g caciotta or another mild and soft cheese
at least 2 spoons milk
2 1/2 dl minced vegetables (parsley, rosemary, oregano, basil and salvia)
1 cock or 1 chicken
salt and pepper


Set oven to 225°C. Stir together cheese and milk to a creamy mass then mix with vegetables, salt and pepper. Start to put your finger under the bird skin so that you can start to take away skin all along the chest and the legs (it should be easy to take off the internal organs). Fill in with the cheese that space that you have done in the cock and press it in . Sew together the cock. Cook the bird in the oven for about 10 mintues, bring down the temperature to 175°C and keep on cooking for other 40-50 minutes. Pour every now and then with the sauce that has been formed.


Tiramisú (8 portions)


1 dl strong black coffee
16-20 savoiardi
400g mascarpone
2 eggs
5msk icing sugar
75-100g dark chocholate, thinly minced


Dope ccokies (savoiardi) in the coffee and set them in a big baking tin. Whip mascarpone, egg yolks and sugar. Whip the whites to a dense foam but not dry and pour it over the mascarpone. Distribute this mixture over cookies in the tin and spread all over chocolate crumbs. Put the tin in the fridge several hours.